Friday, January 15, 2016


I realise New Year's resolutions are supposed to start on New Year's Day, but I was sick (so sick) on New Year's Day, so it took me well over a week to get into the swing of my annual "I'm too fat, I need to lose weight, let's exercise and diet" rigmarole.

Out and about - start made, albeit a few days "late"

I do this every year. It's probably a good thing, right? Because maybe if I didn't, I would never do the whole "diet/exercise" thing and things would end badly.

I told a colleague I needed to lose weight this week, and apart from saying the obligatory "oh no you don't! You look fine!" comment (she is wrong, I DO need to lose weight and I DON'T look 'fine'), she also made the "don't look at it as a diet or exercise, look at it as staying healthy" line.

Hot (and not in a good way)

Maybe she's right on that one. One thing I did resolve this year was to look after ME better. Mentally and physically, although I do know the two are linked.

So, I inherited Hubby's hand-me-down Fitbit (he got a new one because he couldn't read the readout without his glasses on the old one). I'm in that "oh gee, new gadget, this is fun!" phase. I'm hoping it lasts longer than a week.

Early morning oval

Anyway, 6 days after receiving said Fitbit, I have made my 10,000 step target EVERY. DAY. I know, right? We've (me, hubby, and of course, puppy) have got up every morning and gone for a walk. Sometimes in the afternoon too, if the step-count hasn't been high enough.

Change of scenery is always good, is it not?

It's been heatwave conditions in the nation's capital this week, so I think I deserve bonus points. Last night brought a cool change and it was FREEZING out there this morning, so more bonus points!

Warm (and by warm I mean 38C)

I've also been eating "mindfully" when I can remember to stop shoving food in my gob and actually slow down and enjoy whatever it is I'm eating. And cutting out sugar and alcohol (well, a lot of the time, let's not go ridiculous) and cutting back on the potatoes and rice and bread. It's supposed to be good to reset your insulin production and helps you lose weight. And by "you" I mean "me". Let's hope so.

Cool change - 4 seasons in one week

Will I keep it up? I intend to. Time will tell. I'll keep you posted.

Do you make New Year's resolutions?
Do you have a Fitbit? Do you still use it?
Do you need to lose weight/get healthy/whatever?
How fucking hard is it all to keep going?
How much do you want a slice of thick, white, soft bread right now?


  1. Resolutions? Yes. Fitbit? Yes, love it. Weight is ok but it's tough getting out in the cold. Bread, not so much but I'm still eating Christmas candy. *sigh*

    One day at a time and you'll get it done.

  2. Good on you, at least you are trying :)


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