Sunday, March 22, 2015

I am woman, hear me SNORE!

I've imported all my old blog posts from my "health and fitness" blog into this one - you can go and check them out if you like indulging my ramblings. They detail my ongoing battle with my weight, and increasingly my health.

This week I've been tired. So very, very tired. The kind of tired that makes you a bit teary and the kind that makes you just want to crawl back into bed for a bit of a nap.

Apart from the insomnia caused by peri-menopausal hormones I experience periodically, this tiredness is also caused by my recently acquired snoring habit. I used to only snore when stuffed up with a cold or flu or if I'd hit the wine really hard. Now snoring is a night occurrence, which keeps waking me up with a start, and is keeping hubby awake (how the worm turns) and often sees me skulking off the spare bed.

I'm sure it is also a bit of sleep apnoea happening and the reason I'm tired is also because I'm not getting enough oxygen through the night.

Why the sudden onslaught of snoring? I'm too fat.

Now don't go trying to tell me I'm OK and I don't look fat. I am. The figures put me in the obese category. Me. Obese.

From this:

To this:

Yes, we all get a little bit stodgier as we get older, but my stodgy is starting to get out of hand! High blood pressure, marginal blood sugar levels, and snoring. Not pretty, my friends! It's not just the numbers on the scale which alarm me, it's also the numbers on the blood pressure machine and blood test results. And the snoring is really starting to impact on my daily life (and hubby's).

And so, I say to myself (yet again) time to really get serious about losing quite a few kilos. I know I can do it - I've done it before - I've just got to really commit!

Not if you excuse me, I've just to go have a little nanna nap, in which I will no doubt awaken myself with a start from snoring...

Do you have a snorer in your house?
Is it YOU?
Best snoring tips?
Feeling the years as the kilos pile on?


  1. I always comment on your posts and then your comment system deletes them while I go sign n. I hate your comment system! Fix your head first, the weight will come off once your head in engaged. Failing that go backpacking around SE Asia. I have thigh gap.

  2. Hi Ingi! Haven't visited for ages so it was great to catch up on all your blog for the chub...well, I totally understand, am there myself blah blah blah BUT I do have some good news (unless you tried it already and it didn't work) - the 5/2 fasting Dr Michael Mosely approach. It is working. It is not hard. I like the science too. Just a thought : )


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