Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oh neato! Another Peruvian flute band!

"How's your week been?" asks the shop assistant at the  local BWS (Beer, Wine and Spirits).

"Oh fantastic, there has been a Peruvian flute band playing all week in the shopping centre I work in" I reply, enthusiastically.

"Oh neato! I love those Peruvian pan flute bands! What songs did they play?" she enquired.

"Great tracks, timeless classics, like Sounds of Silence, Unchained Melody and in a tip to greatness, ABBA's Chiquitita and Fernando" I reply, enthusiastically.

"I love that music, it all sounds so distinctive and not at all repetitive!" the BWS lady replied.

"Totally," I agree. "They could play that music all day, at loud volume, so I can't hear my clients or the phone ringing, but I wouldn't mind, because it's soulful, mindful music!"

"Yes!" she exclaimed!

"In fact, I could listen to it multiple times a day, over and over again, both live and pre-recorded, like on a CD!" I enthused.

"Have you purchased their CD yet? That way you could listen, like, all the time!" Mrs BWS asked.

"No", I answered, "I don't need the CD, because not only do they appear to have taken up residence just outside my workplace, the music is indelibly etched in my brain, forever."

"Oh, that's fantastic because tomorrow, you won't have Peruvian flute bands, their space will be filled with Miss Missy's School of Dance - including Tap Dancing Chipmunks!"

"Really?! Brilliant news - you certainly have your finger on the pulse, Mrs BWS! I can't wait for work tomorrow now! Plus I get to work 10 WHOLE DAYS without a day off! With entertainment! You gotta be happy about that!"

"As long as you come and visit me, and buy more wine, I'll be happy," say Mrs BWS, smiling (kind of).

"You can at least count on that part, Mrs BWS - cheers!"

PS: sorry it is sideways. I will try to remember that next time. But it about sums up my week.

PPS: sorry also about the pixels - but Wordpress is fussy about file sizes and I couldn't be assed learning about FTP and web-hosting videos and crap.

PPS: kids are doing well in school. More snot, but fewer tears - winning!!!

Have you experienced a Peruvian Flute band in YOUR local shopping centre?

Did you buy the CD?

Ever been IN a Peruvian pan flute band? (go on, you know you want to share!)

Did you have a better week at work than me? Have a day off? That would be better...


  1. 'Oh Neato' ... I don't know, but I am not really feeling the love for those Peruvian Flutists. Better luck with the tap dancing chipmunks ... seriously ???? Who the heck have you pissed off in the mall?

  2. I don't think ANYONE was feeling the love for Peruvian Flutists! The kids tap dancing were annoying, but better. It's been a week, I'll tell you!


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