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Ho, ho (belated) ho (hum)

Happy holidays to you all!

I managed to snag a whole 5 days off in a row, but Hubby's new job (and impending cruise) means that he only had two days off. And so we were tied to Canberra. Which after 10 years of being tied to the South Coast, I wasn't too sad about! But it also meant any ideas I had of visiting family (and just quietly, letting someone else do all the Christmas stuff) were abandoned. So we did Christmas here. And my mum came to visit :-)

I may have expressed before how exhausted Christmas can make me feel. Especially if you are the Mum. And especially because it's been a very busy year around here, and I don't know about you, but I could not justify a huge Christmas this year. Again, and maybe especially this year working in a shopping centre, the Christmas fervour seems to have gone mad. Decorations up in October (what???), 5 weeks of Santa's flash going off in my eyes at work, posts on social media about whether they've finished/started shopping (in November). I mean, really!!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels a bit "meh" about the whole thing. As I get older (grumpier more hormonal?) I question the emphasis society puts on Christmas. It just seems like so much PRESSURE.

I copped a bit of flak on social media about my supposed lack of Christmas effort. In my defence, most all of my decorations are in boxes in the garage down the coast and I couldn't be assed buying a whole heap of new ones. There's a tree (of sorts), there's a nutcracker, I bought some pretty tealights from Dusk. What more do you want, people? Plus, now we are on the flipside of Christmas, I can't tell you how happy I am that there aren't a ton of decorations to be taken down.

IMG_8061 (Large)IMG_8067 (Large)

IMG_8066 (Large)

Everyone got presents. The kids got excited (yanno, in that way that only teenagers can). The dog enjoyed his annual destroying of the wrapping paper:

IMG_8077 (Large) IMG_8079 (Large) IMG_8081 (Large)


I also cooked lunch! Oh yes I did!!!

IMG_8058 (Large) IMG_8089 (Large)

IMG_8056 (Large)

So in the end, we did alright. I did BETTER than alright! I just avoided the stress that goes with it. Christmas was still special and noone got migraines in the process and that's what counts, right???

Did you manage a special Christmas?

Tired of seeing decorations in September too? (see how it just gets earlier and earlier?)

Did it snow where you are??? I'm sure that would make me less grumpy :-)


  1. Funnily enough we were forced into having a "light" Christmas this year and I a couple of times I had pangs of missing all the frills, etc that I normally put out. But now I am so happy that I don't have loads to put away. Miss 10 put her Christmas tree up in the lounge and it was perfect.

    Merry Christmas Ingi. And all the best for 2015 (where the heck did 2014 go?)

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Lisa!!! 2014 disappeared soooo quickly!


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