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Well, we are back! Back on my shiny new blog, back from holidays and ready to morph into Travel Blogger extraordinaire!!! We've been back for a few days, but I had to download all my pics (two cameras and two mobile phones) and go back to work (hmphh, interrupting my blogging and social media time!) and I've had the WORST indigestion, so at night all I've wanted to do is lie down. But I seem OK tonight, so we will begin our journey, shall we?

As I mentioned WEEKS ago, we had a cruise booked. A bargain on Princess Cruises came up and I managed to nag convince Hubby to go! So, I got my travel agent hat on and organised a quick, 2 week getaway for us. Have a mentioned it's been a STRESSFUL year? I feel like I've been on the go, working, working, moving, new job, working, still moving, working all year (and I have!) and so I for one, was really looking forward to a break. A few days in Hong Kong and then cruising to Singapore via Vietnam and Thailand sounded pretty good.

And so it was that we found ourselves up early on a Monday morning a couple of weeks ago. Video Boy LOVES getting up early, even if it is to go on holidays:

[caption id="attachment_1836" align="aligncenter" width="564"]20140908_061113 He's in there somewhere![/caption]

After the usual obligatory filling in of forms, we were all set to go on our Qantas A380 to Hong Kong. My longest flight has been about 10 hours (last holiday on the way home from Shanghai) and was on the dubious China Eastern. This one was about 9 hours and so I was a bit excited to fly on a decent plane and get decent food. And so much on-demand entertainment! I watched 3 movies and am not ashamed to say I cried in public watching The Fault in Our Stars.


[caption id="attachment_1838" align="aligncenter" width="564"]20140908_115610 Sparkling wine? Don't mind if I do - I'm on holidays![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1839" align="aligncenter" width="564"]20140908_120712 Sniff[/caption]

Wombat Girl played games the entire trip, whilst the boys indulged in some X-men and Wolverine and a Smaug being desolated. No accounting for taste!

And finally we landed in Hong Kong. Video Boy's bag came off the carousel first. And then...nothing. Uh oh. But it turns out they had some hassle opening up the cargo and after about a half an hour of standing around watching the carousel go around and around and around, out came the rest of our bags.

[caption id="attachment_1841" align="aligncenter" width="1003"]20140908_174616 Waiting...[/caption]

We were good to go! And we did - straight to the Octopus card man, bought our cards, gave Video Boy the map and headed off to the MTR system to navigate our way from the Airport to our Hotel. The rail system in Hong Kong is amazing - no chance of falling into the crack, because they hide you from the train behind sliding doors! Clean, fast and on time. We never waited longer than 3 minutes for the next train. Try doing that in Sydney (or Canberra, where they don't actually have ANY trains).


Four trains later, we went from the Mongkok East train station, along the underground walkway (having successfully avoided any Hong Hong heat) and straight into our hotel!

I emailed several hotels before we left, asking for a travel agent rate. After some debate, we chose the Royal Plaza Hotel in Kowloon, because it looked nice on the interwebs, had a pool and included buffet breakfast, which we thought might come in handy, what with the human vacuum cleaner known as Video Boy travelling with us!

How nice is a nice hotel room after you've been travelling for 12 hours????

PicMonkey Collage

And buffet breakfast was, as promised, yummy! Love me a buffet breakfast and asian ones are the best ones of all! Be brave - try something new!

[caption id="attachment_1844" align="aligncenter" width="596"] Freshly cooked omelette, Japanese-style fish, black bean pork and unidentified sausage thingy.[/caption]

So with full bellies, we are ready to start our Hong Kong adventure! I have to get up early tomorrow morning to drive to Sydney, so you'll have to wait a bit for the next exciting instalment! Are you excited? I am!




  1. Be brave ... by eating an unidentified piece of meat. Girl got game!


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