Friday, August 01, 2014

Stat week. Or the week - stat!

OK then, let's do this, shall we?

Weigh-in Wednesday brought this:

Under the flash, it says 83.95kg. Trust me.
Please ignore the hairy, mid-winter in Canberra legs.
But how nice are my shellac toes?

It was Fitness Test week as well, as part of pre-season.

Not pretty - it scored 38/50, which apparently puts me at "beginner" level for the exercise plan. I don't like "beginner" level. So I might stick with "Move 2" to get my ass moving again, really nail the eating plan plan, and then when I don't resemble a whale,  can start running again.

It was also Measure Up week:

Again not pretty. I will be happy(er) when I'm less than 80kg again. I tried to upload my "before" shot, but I haven't been technologically successful.

This was my original Before shot:

Nov 2012 - 77.3kg

Feb 2013 - 69.9kg

Fuck me. How depressing.
Aug 2014 - 83.9kg 

Well. That's bloody good motivation! Let's do this! (and just quietly, how brave am I for totally putting myself in all my glory out there!?).


  1. You are freaking amazing girl ! But then again I stupidly sent 12wbt my 'before' photo for the Get Real book, so there I am in all my glory in my underwear while the majority of others have clothed 'before' photos. Urrrgh. So kudos to you. We are in this round together, I've already found you and hooked up. We can do this!

  2. You make me smile. Kudos - you're incredibly brave. One step at a time...


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