Monday, April 21, 2014

Ingi Cooks - Espanol!

While I was in Sydney, training up to be a travel consultant, I stayed in hotel. As hotels go, it was OK - nice rooms, and baths in the bathrooms. Thank you Rydges, but I will NOT be purchasing a Dream bed or the pillows - in the words of Goldilocks, too soft! I nearly drowned in a sea of down and feather!

My insomnia begs to differ!

The restaurant was, however, fantastic. It went with a Spanish theme - and on Wednesday nights, they got our the hugest paella pan (apparently called a paellera) I had ever seen and whipped up enough paella, with chorizo, chicken, mussels and prawns to feed the hungry masses in North Sydney on a Wednesday night. I ate there 3 Wednesdays in a row!

And the churros with chocolate and caramel dipping sauce were seriously TO DIE FOR!

It's a little difficult cooking in a motel room, when all you've got to work with is a kettle and a big warning saying "no food preparation". But when I come home, there's nothing I like better than washing, ironing, oh and cooking!!!

The fam is pretty excited about the cooking thing too, because pizza and reheated oven food (think fish and chips) is getting pretty tired.

So last weekend, I googled and found a good paella recipe (I added in mussels) and voila!

Video Boy declared it his best meal in about 4 weeks!

Then yesterday, along with the slow-roasted lamb for Easter Sunday lunch, I decided to go the chocolate and churros. My "dough" definitely was runnier than it was supposed to be and there was no cutting with scissors required, but they still turned out fluffy and light and NOM:

I cheated a bit and purchased the chocolate sauce, because
 I didn't want to juggle boiling hot oil and melted chocolate on the same stovetop

OK, so not the most elegant looking churros, but they were yummy and let me tell you, there were none left. Video Boy even wants to learn how to make them!

So despite my homeless situation, I'm still managing to pump out some yummy food, inspired by the Spanish! And put on about 10 kilos in the process, but apparently you can't have everything.

What's your latest "hero" dish?
Any other international cuisines I should be trying out?


  1. OMG that churros ...! I We're going to Spain for 4 days next week, I'm gonna get me some!

    1. How I love that you can pop over to Spain for 4 days! It's an epic journey from here!

  2. When you get to Auckland there is apparently a really good churro shop (I haven't tried it yet).


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