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Deck those halls! Jingle those bells!

Oh God. Less than one week until Christmas. Is it just me, or has the build-up to this day-of-days been longer and more intense than ever before? It feels like everyone has been posting up Christmas pics and posts on Facebook forever! I posted this photo querying Christmas on sale already on Facebook on 24 SEPTEMBER - yes, it has been a while coming, this Christmas business!

I was so ready to be all "bah-freaking-humbug" this year. I'm sooooo tired. To a not-really-a-believer, like me, who is also feeling a bit jaded and over consumerism (see above photo - SEPTEMBER!), I am finding it harder and harder to find my Christmas spirit. It seems like a lot of fuss for one day. I was even tempted just to book a local restaurant for Christmas lunch (my dreams of sailing or flying away are always thwarted by owning a retail business that needs Christmas to survive the rest of the year).

*Did anyone else notice the irony there - a large percentage of our family income relies on rampant consumerism, and yet, it bugs the hell out of me!

Plus (and I'm sure there is more than one mum out there who feels this as well), Christmas largely falls to ME. The present-buying and wrapping, the food selection, the shopping and the cooking, the decorating, the tidying, the general bloody organising of the thing. More crap to do on top of all the other crap I do.

Have I cheered you up yet?

Anyhoo. This year, my lovely mother-in-law will be here (and my lovely sister-in-law too). She's 89 and getting a bit "long in the tooth" and she is so desperately looking forward to spending time with her son and only grandchildren. How can I deny her some Christmas magic???

So, I bought some new, flashing Christmas earrings, got my Michael Buble Christmas album playing and finally got the tree out of the garage (where it sat in it's box in my loungeroom for a couple of weeks):

and got my Christmas shit together...

Teenage boy legs optional

Woodwick candles - they are amaze-balls! They "crackle" as you burn them, just like your own little miniature fireplace, except without the heat, which in an Aussie summer, is a good thing...

Ham's in the fridge, all's right with the world!

I even made really-truly, from-scratch, turkey stock (for the gravy next week)!


OK! Let's do this, shall we???!!!

Are you in the festive spirit yet? 
Have half a dead animal and bottles of wine in your fridge yet?
Own any Woodwick candles or do you have an actual crackly fireplace?


  1. LOL, I so relate to your sentiments!

    And reading it today - emerging gradually as I am from the one-mum-show that is Christmas around here - I'm thinking, "Hurray! That's it over for another whole year!!!"

    Hope you had a fab one and you got lots of pics of the kids with your mother-in-law. We had a few of those precious moments too.

    1. "One-mum-show" - yep! Although the kids were fantastic helping out (after I lost my shit) I do admit to a little sigh of relief when it's all over.

  2. Haven't helped you 'celebrate' Christmas in over a decade, but yes, you do a great job of it all still (from what I can see) :)


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