Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I should do that more often...

OK, so the last few posts, I've been bringing my homeschooling A-game, but I don't want to lull you all into a false security of thinking I'm some super-homeschool-mum. I'm really not. I'm actually the world's greatest procrastinator. I take after my son - look at the fab t-shirt I just bought for him:

Not actually him...
I admit - I never do today what I can put off until tomorrow!

Now, some of the things I put off, I do because they are pain-in-the-ass jobs that take either huge slabs of time or energy or both, and putting down Candy Crush Saga long enough to do them doesn't seem worth it. Until the job is so huge that it is HUGE.

Like cleaning the oven...

That's a lot of roasts on the bottom!
...because that is a totally sucky job that takes hours to do and is filthy and hard work. But look at the results:

Ignore that bit that is baked on really hard and
 won't come off no matter how hard I scrub at it...

The dog is the same. I have a Labradoodle (Labrador cross Poodle), which is great because he hardly sheds, but is not great because that hair grows and if you don't brush him regularly (or he won't let you because he doesn't like his legs being touched), the fur gets VERY matted.

Hello! My name is Max and I'm really matted
because my mum doesn't brush me often enough.
So, I get the de-matting comb out and start, but it takes FOREVER. So eventually I get the Wahl clippers and figure the weather's warming up, so he can just get a haircut instead. But none of the guides will go through the mats, so I have to just clip him with the bare blade...

My name is Max, and I'm traumatized...

I'm similarly lax in grooming myself - the grey stripe resembles a skunk, more often than not:

But it never ceases to amaze me how good it feels after you walk out of the hairdresser, all coloured, cut and blow-dried/hair straightened to perfection (at least until the first time you wash it!):

Now...about those eyebrows...
Same goes for losing weight - the more you let it go, the more you have to sweat, diet and say "no thanks" to wine, cheese and cake...
Sadly, the scales don't magically stay sub-70
without consistent effort...
Every time I clean the oven, or groom the dog, or get my hair done or lose the weight, I think to myself "I should do that more often" because then the job isn't so overwhelming. It might even be manageable.

But there also some things that I don't do as often as I should because I'm lazy so-and-so. I don't know why I put them off, because the payoff is SO worth it. Like...

...walking around the corner to the beach:

...going for a bushwalk:

...playing board games with my kids:

Just searching for an "n" to make QUINOA
...spending more time with family and friends:

...even spending um, "quality time" with your husband (I draw the line at taking photos of everything somewhere!).

All these things are brilliant. They are filled with joy, light, laughter and happiness.  Life always feels better when you say "yes" (to the good things, I'm practising saying "no" to the not-so-good things). I should do them more often.

What jobs do you put off until tomorrow?
What else should YOU do more often?


  1. Oh god - is there ANYTHING I do on time? I am NOT a procrastinator. I am THE PROCRASTOMASTER.

  2. The weeds are taller than I am. Housework...always housework. I've promised P for weeks we'd go to the zoo. Gotta get on that.

  3. Oh. and the picture of Max made me bust out laughing!

    1. Poor dog was truly out of sorts that evening! I had to send hubby a text to warn him that the dog had had a significant haircut so it didn't shock him too much!

  4. Lol. Very funny doggy pics.

    Procrastination: anything housecleaning, phone calls, emails, anything medical that isn't an emergency or dental, anything bureaucratic... Things I would LIKE to do more often: explore new places, read for pleasure, visit friends, lay out on the grass, hang up my hammock...

    1. Hammocks are the best! And I haven't been to the dentist in um...a long time!


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