Saturday, July 27, 2013

The minutiae

This is what confronts me, day in, day out. All the things that are BUGGING THE CRAP out of me.
The spot on the front door where the dog sticks his grubby nose in eager anticipation of you walking through said door:

The grimy marks on the large expanse of glass at our back door where the rain slams against (who knew rain was so dirty?) and where the dog jumps up when he gets left outside (who knew dogs could jump so high?). The solar blanket for the pool which is not up at the moment because it's winter, left outside after our flood wet everything in the garage/shed:

The dust and dog hair that collects in the corner of every single step that I see every time I walk up or down them:

The dust on the "mantle piece" which people run their hands in when they descend the stairs (with the dust and dog hair on them):

The crumbs and rust spots on my relatively new 4-slice toaster:

The grubby hand marks and the (not obvious in real-life but super-obvious in a photo) scratches near the handle of the fridge:

The dried up drips from razors and toothbrushes on the bathroom mirror:

The water that ponds at the base of the tap from "people" washing their hands, which then turns an interesting shade of brown for reasons I don't wish to contemplate too deeply (and let's just ignore the decayed state of the plastic on top of the "cold" sign, shall we?):

The source of much dog fluff under the chair legs is from the very matted, very dirty dog, who desperately needs a bath but can't until he has a big brush:

The fact that no-one else in the house is seemingly bugged by any of this and it is ignored by everyone else, waiting for me to clean/tidy/wipe/sweep/brush/wash it.
So, given I had ONE WHOLE DAY OFF this week, you would think I would have either:
a) put up a decent blog post or
b) tackled some of those jobs that would rectify things BUGGING THE CRAP out of me.
But no.
I instead put together my new $40 desk (which was only mildly damaged in the garage/shed flood). This makes me feel very organised and superior and professional. I have my own space now for my own crap and it doesn't have to live on the dining table anymore. Much more satisfying. 

But I still have a bunch of stuff around my house that BUGS THE CRAP out of me.
What minutiae of your daily existence bugs the crap out of you?
Are you the only one who knows how to clean up at your house?


  1. Fluff everywhere!!! And not even pet hair :D (for me, that is)


  2. Oh gosh. Yes. My house is a complete hovel right now, but I can't summon the energy to do anything about it because I am depressed about the hovel-y-ness of it all. Plus, what is the point, really? It will just be a hovel again in two days.

    My biggest pet peeve right now is the fact that my kids are piggies when they eat and they spray crumbs in a 360 degree radius and even if I sweep and mop it won't stay clean for even ONE DAY, the most I get is 3 hours. I am glowering and resentful just thinking about it.

    dadgum other people in my house.

    1. Yes - I'm sure it's the "other people" in my house that causing me this grief. It would stay tidier if they weren't here...but life would not be as interesting!

  3. I hurt laughing at the fact you actually walked around photographing things that bug you about your house. Woman that's priceless!

    What is it about us that we want our houses to be perfect and yet when I visit other peoples homes that aren't I am usually more comfortable and at ease in them than I am my "spotless" friend's ones (who I never invite here cause of my utter embarrassment at my slack cleaning)!

    1. The joys of smart phones - I get to annoy you with my mess!

  4. DON'T START ME!!!!!!!
    There are SO MANY little things around my place that if I started fixing them NOW I ....wouldn't be sitting here on faceplant...

    1. Umm...yeah...that's why I use Candy Crush as an avoidance tactic...

  5. I like your use of time - that's my kind of prioritising. Just keep looking at the desk.

    We're about to add a moulting dog into the mix. I'm thinking at least his fur won't get as matted as our non-shedding one (??!) And on the upside, there'll be even less need to sweep under the table at mealtimes!

    1. I'm loving my desk!

      Maxy is a labradoodle - he doesn't "moult" as such (THAT would drive me out of my ever-lovin' mind!) but his fur does get matted. There are little bits of his fur about - I can't imagine a moulting dog...

    2. Ours is a cavachon - Bischon/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix.

      New one is a full Cavalier. Yikes!!

  6. I never really know what I'm going to read when I visit here, and that is what I love about it! :)

    Oh goodness where do I start. Like how I am the only one who seems able to change the toilet paper when it runs out, and I seem to be the only one who knows how to hang towels up to dry.

    Socks.... everywhere and always missing one (where in bloody hell could the other one have gone? Seriously have yet to find them.).

    Couch pillows and blanket always on the floor, seems I am the only one to pick those up too.

    If I want to get all the dishes washed first I better make sure to do a run through of the house, cups with juice, water , ice where they forgot they already had a drink before getting a another one.

    Or how about dirty clothes making it to the floor by the hamper but not IN the so called hamper.

    It would be interesting to hear what the other members of my family think about this though. I know they would have a few pet peeves of their own to add to the list about me (spoken while giving the "teenage" eye roll). :)

  7. Word.

    I know exactly what you mean - especially the part about it seeming like NOBODY else in the house cares that we live in what I think is a BIG MESS but what they think is good enough. Grrrr. Right there with ya.


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