Sunday, April 14, 2013

Life at sea...

In between Darwin and our next port of call, Hong Kong, we had our longest stretch at sea - 5 days! Part of me would be happy not to visits ports at all, and just go on a cruising cruise. You know, read novels, work on the tan, sip champagne, have a massage, get dressed up for dinner, play trivia, win (or not) at bingo, watch movies - sounds like a pretty good holiday to me!

Sailing past islands of Indonesia

Bit more chess

Playing Bad Piggies whilst waiting for our next port lecture

Watching the world go by...

You have to play shuffleboard on board, don't you?

Breakfast by a glassy sea

Little afternoon storm


The Crossing the Equator ceremony is a big deal. My first time in the northern hemisphere!

There are these two guys who get paid to carve fruit and ice. Not hubby...

Islands near the Philippines. Lots of the crew were out on deck calling home on their mobiles/cells.

I'll call this my "sunset series"....

Mocktail hour!

After five days at sea, I think we were ready to do some serious exploring!

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