Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm baaaacckkk!!!!!

Oh hello fitness blog! I nearly forgot all about you, but I'm back!

Ready for some stats?

Weeks away: 4
Countries visited: 5
Total distance (Sydney to Beijing): 7271 nautical miles (8367 land miles, 13466 km)
Buffet breakfasts: 27
Four course dinners: around 12

Roast quail main

Chocolate and peanut slice

Visits to the gym: 2
Walks around the promenade deck: 2
Migraines: 2
Colds/flu: 2

Peking duck consumed: 1
Street food hoovered: lots

I can confirm that Peking duck fat is, in fact, divine...

OMG this pork was TO DIE FOR!

Dumplings - YES!

I will add that there was lots of food I DIDN'T eat!

Seafood lunch in Korea!

But I also walked. A lot. And climbed a few stairs:

So given I was pretty sick for a lot of the trip and ate a lot and didn't do a lot of exercise, I was thrilled to bits to come back home and get on the dreaded scales and see this:

70.2kg = 154.8 lbs
Alas, I fear that no exercise (brought on by yet another virus and another migraine - them's my excuses and I'm sticking to them) and wine and cheese and pizza and who the hell is Michelle Bridges? may have seen those numbers creep up a bit in the last two weeks.

But guess what? Today I went for a WALK! I know - it's impressive. And I even jogged a fair bit of it. The dog was fairly beside himself with excitement. So hopefully the colds, flu and migraines will leave me alone for a bit and I'll go shopping and get organised and get myself back on track before I undo all my hard work.

Stay tuned to see how I go!

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  1. Well it's about time you finished gallivanting about the world and came back to us! :-). OMG how steep are those stairs at the Great Wall I'm assuming! What a lifetime changing trip you've been on, how incredible, and you know what, I think you have enjoyed it to the max, yes loosened your guard, but the fact the damage was minimal is absolutely cracker. Great to have you back.



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