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Hi Honey! I'm home!!!!

4 weeks. 6 countries. 5 currencies. 4 languages. 2 migraines. 2 colds.

And I'm about to blog it all!!!

We are finally home from our big Asia holiday. I had planned to "blog as I went", but slow, expensive internet on the ship put paid to those plans. So now I plan to inundate you!! You'll stay with me, won't you??

Having now been and done, it's good to be home - nothing like your own bed! It was a pretty amazing experience - the beauty of travel is you experience new things, unlike home. It makes you more familiar with the world, but more appreciative of what you have at home.

And so, without further ado, here is are Big Asia Adventure in a nutshell (or a few blog posts)!

I was so excited to get going and get on that big boat (the Diamond Princess). Driving around the corner and spotting the huge ship sitting at Circular Quay's Overseas Passenger Terminal was thrilling! The bags were packed, the paperwork in order and we were all set to go! 

I was determined to capture all of the trip with pics to include in the blog, so even the mundane of filling in forms got captured...

Alas, just after I took this pic, my eyes "went funny" and I thought I'd looked into the flash of my camera somehow. But no; it was the start of a migraine aura. I spent much of our check-in process enduring my own personal disco lightshow.

When I was packing the toiletries bag, I bargained for many possibilities - so it was full of tablets for various ailments! By the time we had been on the ship for one hour, I had taken 3 different drugs! Great start to the trip (not). But I was determined to continue on!

We met my brother for dinner in Sydney - it was fantastic to catch up and it is amazing what sparkling company and a white wine can do for a headache.

It was quite bizzare to not sail away the day we boarded the ship, but it enabled us to enjoy a bit of Sydney as tourists. We spent the next morning exploring the Rocks area (the original part of Sydney that the convicts built) and Sydney Harbour. We will have to go back and spend some more time exploring this historical space:

Sydney Opera House (but you knew that, right?)

Old cannon underneath the Harbour Bridge

View from Observatory Hill

Then it was time to meet up with Hubby's sisters who had brought his mum in to see us off. Both his sisters used to work on cruise ships (back in the day when they were a tad smaller), so it was lovely for them to get to see the ship. Unfortunately, in this era of ultra-security, they were unable to come aboard, so had to settle for looking at our photos:

And then it was time to set sail and head off into the sunset! One of the world's great sights has to be Sydney Harbour on a sparkling afternoon, and she turned it on for on our way out the heads:

Can you see the little Bridge Climb climbers at the top?

Mrs Macquarie's Point

Getting into the cruise groove!

And so we were off!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is gonna be good!

    1. Just you wait, Jeanne - my Asia-loving e-friend!!!!!

  2. Wonderful! I am really looking forward to your posts and hope you draw it out for awhile. Beautiful pictures so far.

    You look great! And oh my goodness, is that VB? Look at how tall he is! He has the same amount of little something on his lip as D does.

    1. Thanks Jane - I reckon I can draw it out for ages, judging by the amount of photos I took!

      I only put on a kilo during the cruise - a minor miracle! And someone has been feeding Video Boy again, because he is THAT tall! And I don't know they have to start shaving that bit of fluff...

  3. Excellent! I look forward to being made jealous repeatedly as you recount your adventures :).

    1. There are some good adventures to be told!

  4. Welcome home:):) Great to have you back, look forward to hearing all.

    1. Thanks Erin - it's good to be home and I missed my laptop and catching up on everyone else's blogs almost as much as the dog.

  5. Ooooh, I'm excited for more. Those photos are lovely and you all look extremely happy. I love that! Welcome back.

    1. You have to smile for the camera!

  6. So glad you all had a good time. Looks fabulous!

  7. Looks great so far and I for one will gladly read all your post holiday postings. I do so miss Sydney and must also take the family over for a good look around (and shop).

    1. We love Sydney too - it's a good short-break location! And now, looking back with other cities to compare with, pretty stunning too.


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