Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In!

Alrighty. So if you recall, last week (Week 1 of Round 2 of 12WBT) saw a gain and sadly had me back in the 70s, after scraping into the 60s at the end of Round 4.

This week, I've eaten well (95% of the time), done a 10km fun run, walked the dog and done my toning. What happens when you stay consistent?

69.2kg!! 152.6 lbs
Woot! That's 1.5kg gone from last week! I'm sure a lot of the weight gain was fluid retention from the birthday weekend wine - and a good incentive to stay away from the stuff!

Hopefully, that's the last we'll see of the 70s. And my BMI is now 25.7 - still just in the Overweight range, but ever so close to Normal!

I'm so proud of the 10+ kilograms I've shed. I've been consistent, not silly, however I still have few more to go judging my some of my photos from last weekend:

Rolls of fat begone with you!!!

It's interesting, because when discussing (my obvious) weight loss, some people feel the need to say "oh you can stop now" or "don't go getting all skinny on us" or similar. Well, that's just annoying, people! Because this week I picked up some interesting blood results back from the tests I had just before Christmas - my Fasting Glucose Levels were 5.6 - which by some standards indicate Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome, especially coupled with my high blood pressure and waist circumference of over 80cm. It's not drastic yet, but I need to keep working on this - not just my weight, but my health too. Luckily all my triglycerides and cholesterol levels were OK :-)

I think those comments come from a place of denial, maybe guilt. I certainly view all my previous excuses about my weight as just that - excuses. This healthy lifestyle CAN be done, it should be done. Sure it involves some choices - less wine, no thanks to chips etc. But that short term "pain" is a hell of a lot better than long term insulin injections!

Other milestones that don't involve the scales this week are my "tight" jeans shorts getting loose:

The things I subject you to!!

And I blogged a while ago (on my homeschooling blog) about putting my "too small" clothes away. I found the bag in the shed after a big cleanup on the weekend - and lo and behold, my size 12 shorts fit me!!! I couldn't do them up 4 months ago!! 

I have a ways to go before I go and buy a bikini and get back to the good ol' days, but if I keep on being consistent, that just may be a goal that's in sight:

That's me in the orange bikini circa 1988!!

Next "mini-goal" is to get to 66kg - that's as low as I got in 2009 when I did bootcamp when I was teaching (but I wasn't starting at nearly 80kg then!). Next week should see me a tiny step closer!


  1. I've thought a lot about other people's reactions to one's weight loss. I think it falls into 2 categories. Firstly, I think we're so used to seeingfat people that when we spot people in their healthy weight range we think they look skinny. Take a walk in downtown Paris/Milan vs Sydney/Los Angeles. I bet you'll feel fatter in Europe because more people are in the normal weight range. (not to mention a whole lot more stylish). Secondly, I think some people like to put others into certain categories and when the other people change then they feel threatened and maybe a bit jealous. It upsets their world and that's why they tell you "you've lost enough now".
    One of the great things I learned to say to people is "the World Health Organisation doesn't think so - according to their tables I need to lose another x kilos to be in the healthy weight range for my height".
    Just a thought. Oh and you looked pretty hot in that bikini. Angela.

    1. Wow - you have thought a lot Ang! On the first point (being the very untravelled person that I am), I definitely notice now the huge volume of overweight people in our community! It's most of them! So yes, normal weight range is going to look "skinny".

      On the second point - YEP. I think making changes makes others think of themselves. It's like homeschooling - people always comment whether they would like to do it or not. They think my decisions are a criticism of their educational choices, when they are not! Same goes for weight loss.

      And yep - those were the days! That's the mental image I have of myself (alas, it's rather skewed!).

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply :-)

  2. Ingi you rock! Love seeing the 60's there, still blows my mind that 60's are classed as overweight though. I don't want to get too stuck on tags like that. As for what others say I heard a beauty the other day. " You don't want to lose too much or your head will look too big on your body". WHAT THE?? This is the head that I was born with. I'm sure it's in proportion to my skeleton. Good grief, what people will say. We need to let it be water off a ducks back. You keep going girl!!



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