Sunday, February 03, 2013

Too far...

Can I smash all of this open
Can I pass the hurt with a little pain
I wanna see all of it crumble
Start afresh and over again

Another "red flag" day on Friday - a work do at the local pizzeria. I skipped my snacks, ate clean and went and bought low-alcohol bubbles. And stuck (mostly) to the vegetarian pizzas (which were delish!).

And the biggest test of how far I've come of all - the dreaded muffin-top jeans. These are the "too tight" pair that give me indigestion. But not tonight! They are fitting much more comfortably (nicely, even) and maybe, just possibly, are a little loose around the legs!

Might need to clean the bathroom mirror...

And other little things are becoming noticeable - when I'm not sweaty, my watch is looser too:

Saturday morning - I had all the excuses under the sun not to do my long run:
  • it was dark
  • it was cold (southerly change blew up, bringing winter-like conditions)
  • my running buddy couldn't make it
  • I got my period the night before
  • my blister was sore
  • I had to be at work at 9am
  • my hair was all lovely and straight from the hairdressers
  • I didn't feel like it
All of these went through my head on Friday night and also Saturday morning when the alarm went off at 5:30am (noooo!).

But I Just Freaking Did It. I got up and ran. And it was about a billionty degrees cooler than last week and I ran the whole bloody 10km and then a little bit more (the hard bit around the golf course). I felt strong and for the first time, I felt that maybe, just maybe, this half marathon idea is not so crazy.

OK, so Usain Bolt has nothing to worry about
 and don't even talk to me about the pathetic amount of calories burnt!

I'm not totally sure of the distance there, because Garmin thinks I swam part of the way...

I'm scared of pushbikes to be contemplating a triathlon any time soon...

So here we sit on the threshold of Week 12 of the 12 Week Body Transformation. Will I have "transformed" my body? Not totally, but damn, I'm sure I've made a good start! 

Not sure I'll get to my little goal of being in the 60s by Wedneday's weigh in, so stay tuned for that and the "big reveal" of the before and after shots (eek!).

Where there is no one else
Where I'll be from under and can uncurl myself
Too many, too much, too hard
Help me, this time I went too far


  1. You are amazing, this is the epitome of JFD-ingI
    That looks funny there but it made sense in my head!


    1. Is it weird that I totally got what you meant?

  2. More scarey that you are in my head!! Haha


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