Monday, February 11, 2013

Round 4 ends with a whimper...

After my great results in the last weigh-in, life has de-railed my good intentions a little! So these last few days haven't been filled with consistency - either in the nutrition or exercise stakes.

A trip to Sydney staying with relatives meant I had to do the best I could. I did a big walk (got lost, so it was longer than I intended!), but no running, no toning and compromised food choices. However, as far as possible, I opted for smaller serves and only two glasses of wine.

Garmin says it was 94% humidity! It certainly felt like it  - sweat-fest!

BUT, I did get to Lululemon and treat myself to a new running top and new socks!

Still in their largest size, but pretty funky, don't you think?

Padded running socks for blister prevention (and Max the helper)

It was my Hubby's birthday and for the first time in forever, we had a nice night out by ourselves a local restaurant. The tapas-inspired menu was YUM and I was able to enjoy tasty bites without filling my plate. I do, however, now remember why I cut back on my wine intake...I was in no fit state to do my long run yesterday morning!

I haven't run in nearly a week! I feel quite weird about that. Back into it today with a tempo run from Week 1 of the Half Marathon program! We shall see how that progresses with a 4 week holiday in the middle of it...but for now, I want to keep up the running momentum (last week not included).

Are we going for a run, huh? Are we? Can we?

I know I haven't gone completely off the rails, but I bet it impacts on the scales. It pisses me off no end how hard I have to work for a loss and how easy it seems to be to gain! But things are back to "normal" (whatever that is) now and back to good choices. Bring on Round 1!!!!


  1. That is a completely cute running top! Looks great. It's hard when out of your routine, but you didn't blow it, so that's a great thing. Be proud.


    1. Well thank you Carol! It's not something I would buy 12 weeks ago, so I'm proud of that.

    2. Hey I needed to come back and mention I've never heard of that brand of sports gear, and went to my trusty friend google. Oh my! What gorgeous things they have!!

    3. oh - I should have put in a link (I'll go back and do a not-so-sneaky edit!). And yes! I LOVE their stuff - I was also tempted to have a look at Lorna Jane whilst I was in the city, but the top was enough :-)


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