Friday, February 08, 2013

12WBT - Round 4 Wrap-Up

After 12 weeks (and also Warm-Up and Pre-Season) (late October 2012 to early February 2013):

What the world sees

What I (and the internet!) see

What the scales see

% body fat (what my insides see!)

I have lost:

  • 10cm off my bust (of course)
  • 9cm off my waist (yay!)
  • 5.5cm off my hips
  • 5cm off each thigh
  • 2cm off each upper arm.

I can:

  • do 10 pushups on my toes (up from 0), 
  • do 30 pushups on my knees (up from 24)
  • reach 19cm past my toes (up from 10cm)
  • run 1km in 6 minutes 26 seconds (down from 7:13)
  • sit against a wall for 2min3sec (up from 42 seconds)
I have gone from a size 16 (some tight!) to a loose size 14 and sometimes a size 12 (woot!).

My belt has tightened up 2 notches.

My watch is loose.

My skin is glowing.

I can run 10km without stopping (when it's not 90% humidity and 25C).

I can eat cottage cheese and like it!

I only drink maybe a couple of nights a week and then only a couple of glasses of low alcohol wine.

These are big changes for me. I am feeling healthier and more energetic. If I'm tired, it's usually a good, physically tired from a big workout. I have started a healthier lifestyle, which will benefit my weight but also my blood pressure, heading towards diabetes, cholesterol, my liver etc, etc. 

My family eats more healthily and my husband has lost weight too.

I have further to travel on my journey. I have more goals to achieve. I am still in the overweight category of BMI, my waist measurement is still unhealthy, my blood pressure is still high.

I'm sure I'll have bits where I lapse, but I hope my lifestyle has turned a corner and will be consistently healthier.

Thanks for your support so far - can't wait to do this post in another 12 weeks and see more progress!!


  1. Wow! At first glance I could see the change in your hips but it is also obvious in your face. Way to go!

    1. Thanks Jane! My face has been the biggest change I think too :-) Can't wait until it's my belly!

  2. You look absolutely AMAZING!! Look at those abs! It's amazing to think that at 69kg you are still classed as overweight. That defies description. You have really done wonderfully on this round and can feel so proud of yourself. Very inspirational.


    1. I think you'll find those abs are rolls of fat (which, admittedly are now droopy rolls of fat)! And if I was another 10cm tall, I'd be happy with 69kg, but alas, I'm a short-ass.

  3. Congratulations on your progress -- your hard work has been paying off. Those ab muscles are impressive! (Those are MUSCLES.)


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