Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wild Again!

What wild weather we've been having - bushfires, heat waves, flooding and mega-surf:

Yacht washed up on the breakwall
(actually, it smashed against the side,
then a crane lifted it up - but it looks freaky!)

Wild and woolly surf conditions for my run this morning!

Makes for fun running anyway!

But enough of that, Weathergirl! What of it being Wednesday and all???

Possibly in the realms of over-sharing and Too Much Information, I have been suffering with a lack of toilet-going in the lead-up to this morning's weigh-in. Alas, Metamucil and water have not been sufficient to unblock me, so no "bog and log" (as a Facebook friend so eloquently put it!) this morning.

I hopped on the scales and was pretty happy to see 70.4kg. Went and got my iPhone, which apparently weighs half a kilo and saw this:

70.9kg - 156.3lbs
Try as I may, the bugger would not go back to the original reading! So (sniff) I'm going with 70.9kg this week and have bowel emptying, clean eating, no drinking and the 60s and a total 10kg weight loss in my sights for next week!!!

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  1. Yippee I made it. Thanks for the link up. This made me laugh out loud literally. When I went from the 100's into the 99's I was so excited and wanted to immortalize the moment and grabbed my camera ... err ... a big honking DSLR!! Oh doh. Weighed about 2kg with the lens attached. Great job on the weight, but what is it with scales not weighing the same one moment to the next. Having said that I completely forgot to weigh in this morning, I have completely got out of sync with the public hol so will be weighing in tomorrow.



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