Monday, January 14, 2013

The Rhythm of the Heat

Looking out the window
I see the red dust clear
High up on the red rock
Stands the shadow with the spear

The land here is strong
Strong beneath my feet
It feeds on the blood
It feeds on the heat

The bushfires are still hanging around, not affecting property at this stage, but smoke hanging in the early morning air creates spectacular sunrises over the ocean! And I'll have you know that I got up in the 5s to take this sunrise photo just for you :-)

So, to escape the heat for my long run (and take gorgeous photos) I set the alarm for 5:30am and was at the beach before 6am and sunrise. Left the dog at home (he has a propensity for sitting down mid-run lately - maybe it's been too hot for him?). I don't generally eat breakfast before I run - I just get out there and do it, but after last weeks struggle, I took a Gatorade "pre-exercise" drink thing. I also paused mid-run and had half a gel and some water. I think these things made a difference for my long run, because although it was still quite warm (around 25C) and I still sweated buckets, I was able to run the whole thing (except my little break) and didn't feel quite so much like dying. I was running solo as well, so I ran as slow as I could and just focussed on endurance and lasting the distance: (average running pace 7:55min/km):

I reckon I must be a "real runner" now because my feet are starting to show the effects of long hours shuffling back and forward. This photo may in the realms of "TMI" but I have developed a hard-won callous on my right foot: 

Lucky for me (and you!), I fished out my Ped Egg and collected a lovely lot of dead skin off my poor old feet. The callous is much smoother and hopefully will be less irritating when I run. Aren't you lucky I share??!

I don't know what possessed me to buy one
of these, but I'm glad I did.
I can also feel the first twinges of plantar faciitis coming back in my left foot (just to balance things out) and also my left hip flexors are feeling it. So I need to make sure I really do my stretching and strengthening properly, or I'll be sidelined. 

Today was much cooler (15C) and I just did an "out and back" tempo run ('twas supposed to run for 35min, but couldn't be bothered running too far away from the car, so cut 2 min off that). Probably not as fast as I'd hoped, but I also had to dodge a stack of people, dogs, prams and because this morning was garbage morning, garbage cans (average running pace 7:45min/km):

The weather is set to heat up again this week, so I'll enjoy the brief respite in warm temps while I can.

The rhythm is below me
The rhythm of the heat
The rhythm is around me
The rhythm has control
The rhythm is inside me
The rhythm has my soul

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  1. LOL, love my ped egg. It annoys DH to hear me running it over my heels.

    Laughed about your obstacles. I went out Saturday morning and had to run around the ice in the path. My time was slow but I didn't end up on my butt.


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