Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

My daughter stayed up late on NYE to draw this

Oh yeah, I'm happy! First proper loss in weeks - 1.5kg to bring me to 72.9kg!!! Yes, that's 3 exclamation marks because I'm that happy.

72.9kg (160.7lbs)

The lowest I got to in 2012 was 73.6kg, so that was my mini-goal - to get below that - and this week I achieved it! Next mini-goal is to get into the 60s - haven't seen a 6 at the start of the scales for a few years (2009 I think). And 150's in the pounds stakes.

It's so good to see the hard work and good choices paying off. Gives me motivation to keep going. 

Sticking pretty much to the 12WBT nutrition plan now, following the toning and the running.

Meeting up with another fellow-12WBTer for my long run on Saturday - upping the ante by another 1.5km to 7km. Bit of a challenge, but the furthest I ran (not in a fun run) in 2011 was 7.32km in one hour, so I'm keen to get back there - importantly, injury free!

So let's bring it!!

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