Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Cruel Summer...

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I sweat. A lot. Just another great genetic inheritance which also includes premature grey hair, a non-existent chin and early menopause. Just as well I really love my mum.

Anyhoo, I'm proud of myself, not only for losing weight and doing so over Christmas/New Year, but also for continuing to exercise and run in this heat!

On Saturday, I got up at sparrows fart (in the 5's, I tell you!!!) to avoid the heat and the crowds for my big attempt at running 7km. Left the dog at home and ran with a friend who is also tackling the 10km program on 12WBT. She was worried that I would leave her behind because she hadn't run further than 5km before (bahahaha!!!).

Oh. My. Goodness. Didn't make it without resorting to a walk break. It was just one of those sucky runs. I was HOT - sweaty, hot, almost delirious! It was just HARD WORK and I wasn't feeling the love almost right from the start. But I didn't walk for long and managed 8:10min/km for my 7km. My friend ran the whole way and I am so freaking proud of her (go Tracey!!). Maybe next week I'll be with her. Also next week I think a little better fuelling/hydration might be the go for running in summer for over an hour.

I remembered my swimmers and I have to say that ocean felt amaze-balls. I'm sure it helped my legs recover (plus the magnesium tablets) because they felt fine the next day (unlike their jelly-like state immediately afterwards).

Now, obviously I live on the coast, and so, in reality, we have "mild" weather - Goldilocks weather, if you will - not too hot and not too cold. And so, it could be much hotter in summer (I could live in the western suburbs of Sydney or even worse, Western Australia) and it could actually be so cold it snows in winter. So I'm not complaining.

Except for today. The forecast is for 43 degrees (Celcius) - that is 109.4 Farenheit. A bit bloody hot. And humidity in the single digits. And hot, northerly winds. And a catastrophic fire warning - which means if a bushfire was to start, there is no hope of saving your house, even if it was especially designed to withstand fires. Just go.

We live in the black bit.

I can safely guarantee you I won't be running today. Stay safe everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness, that is HOT! And I crap out at 80F (27C). Well, it is 23 F (-5C) this morning, time for the Hot Hands.

    1. 27C is nearly our normal morning temp these days! -5C??? Nah - couldn't run in that!

  2. I'm 100% with you in hating the heat. Good job for getting out there and running anyway! (I bet the ocean felt WONDERFUL afterward!)

    1. Words cannot express how good that ocean felt! It was much cooler this morning and made me miss autumn and winter so much!


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