Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Week 3 - Weigh In Wednesday!

And we have a win! Or a loss! or something...

You will be relieved to know I wear underwear
when I take the pics of the scales,
 because no-one wants to see what
 is reflected on that glass...

That is another kilo gone forever! Or at least, having a look at my ups and downs over to the left, gone for a really long time. That's 164.9lbs for my non-metrically minded friends.

I'm feeling so much better and stronger! Except at 8:30pm at night - if there is nothing decent on TV (which is frequently) I can often be heard asking "is it too early to go to bed?" and the answer is "no!" especially if I have a decent book to read (which, working in a library, you would think shouldn't be too hard).

Week 3 of sprints this morning! They stepped it up a notch, doing 3 repeats. I made a push at the end and got to 5:46 min/km pace for my last minute! Watch out Usain!!! Here comes Ingi!!

And so we keep on keeping on! Onward and downward!!

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