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Crap I run with...

You know how one of the great things about running is that you don't need much gear; you can just pull on your shoes and you're good to go?

Um. Me, not so much.

Now, I don't run "a lot". I am pretty proud of my 5.5km this morning - felt really good and I actually enjoyed that run (in stark contrast to last week's 4.5km where I felt I might just die a little bit). But damn, I seem to have accumulated a lot of "running stuff".

To go out for a little jog, first I need my compression pants (Performax crop) - these are great - they stop my wibbly bits from wobbling so much and apparently, they also increase circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles, providing maximum support and assisting in recovery time. Mine get hammered - I only own one pair (because they are ridiculously expensive) and need a wash after every sweat-soaked run.


I also own a few running singlets. I sweat so much, that just plain cotton singlets don't cut it - they get soggy with sweat and feel disgusting and chafe. So I go for "technical fabric" that wick away sweat. I LOVE LuleLemon tops - the only brand I've found that have looser-fitting styles for those of us who have a little tum-tum and don't want everyone thinking I'm running around the block 5 months pregnant.

RUN: Team Spirit TankRun: Light As Air Singlet

I also LOVE their running socks; no blisters, not hot and helps me remember my left foot from my right foot:

W Ultimate Padded Run Sock

So, shoes are pretty important - I don't recommend churning out the km's in a pair of Dunlop Volleys. A fashion statement they may be, but they don't give you much support:

After my Asics Gel Kayanos gave up the ghost, I ventured out to Athletes Foot, and came away with Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's (support for those that roll inward a bit and for those of us who are a bit, ahem, heavier) - so far so good!

So, all set? Um. Not quite.

When one is of the female persuasion, one needs to look after one's girls. So a sports bra is essential. I quite like my Triumph Triaction seam-free bra. It also gets very sweaty and mine no longer is bright white:

When going for a longer run, I like Bonds Invisitails because they don't scrunch up and rub, and presumably, they appear "invisible" for those poor souls behind me.

Bonds Invisitails Midi Gravel Green Grey
Yep. I look like that. Not.

OK. Got my clothes all sorted. Now the tech.

I run with my iPhone. I like the apps - I've used Couch to 5K, Ease Into 10K and am currently using RunKeeper, which plays my music, I can program in distance/time/repeats and it also has a GPS, so I can see how far I've run.

Now you can't just shove your iPhone down your bra (get's a bit sweaty down there!), so I use a Belkin Dualfit armband (and one day I'll use the small size hole - just you watch!):

I found normal earbud earphones just fall out all the time, so I got Philips ActionFit Sports earphones, which are sweatproof (good idea) and hook over your ears. They are very comfortable!

I am also now using a heartrate monitor to see how many calories I burn. I am currently borrowing my hubbies el-cheapo one from Aldi:

Aldi Heart Rate Monitor $19.99 from 29th August

It seems to work OK, but I have a Garmin on my wishlist for Christmas!!

Alright. Ready to run?

Um. Nearly. 

Just need to hook the dog up to the Halti collar:

and tuck a couple of poo-bags up those compression pants, just in case:

And then tuck my car key into the convenient little pocket in said pants and FINALLY we can run!!

I'm exhausted before I start! But most of this stuff makes my run bearable or maybe even enjoyable.

*This is not a sponsored post. But I'm not beyond accepting deals of free stuff, or better yet payment for trying out things in return for my comments to my vast readership!

Do you gear up, or are you a "minimalist" runner?
What's your favourite piece of running gear?


  1. I try to keep it minimal and cheap but it's tough. But I am getting a FitBit Zip for Christmas and am eager to try it out.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story - I love reading your posts and catching up with your journey.

    I have nominated you for a blog award


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