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Then and now - a reality check...

It's a lovely day here today - the fierce winds of earlier this week have died down, the sun is shining, the temperature is heralding signs of spring, the guy next door is testing out the low bass of his car's doof-doof sound system (dude - it's working! I think you found my dog's brown note!).

So of course it's a perfect time of year to do a little spring-cleaning. Starting with my bedroom. I painted it and decluttered a year ago! My, how time flies when you are having fun...Anyway, I guess that would explain the creeping clutter, dust bunnies under the bed and overflowing "wardrobe" (which is, in fact, just hangers on the wall - all we have space for).

It always is messier before it looks tidier!

Because we only have hangers on the wall, I keep my off-season clothes in our big shed down the backyard in old wardrobes we got from tip for $10 each. Bargain! Today was season swap-over day and clean/dust/declutter the bedroom day!

The big shed (a.k.a. The Tardis)

See the wardrobes down the back? 

As I do when I have a little wardrobe swap-a-roony, I put some of the less-loved pieces in a garbage bag (clean one!) and donate to our local charity shop. Today I went through everything - in the house and in the shed - and got rid of all clothes I had not worn in the last three years and those that had got a bit small.

Hang on. Wait a second. Clothes don't "get small". People (ahem, me) get big.

Size Small - but not me anymore!

I don't think I belong to the Petite Club anymore (or the Size 10 club).

For those that need to know, Australian size 10 is the equivalent of a US size 6. I'm about a 14/16 now (or 10/12 if I moved to the US...hey...that's not sounding like such a bad idea!).

So now I only own clothes that actually fit. If by some miracle I get back to a size 12, then I guess I owe me a huge shopping spree! Vinnies have bags of clothes to sell (mine and the kids, because they are growing upwards). And I have a clean, tidy bedroom (until Hubby gets home from work and chucks his clothes everywhere).

Grr... that was spotless!

But today was a body reality check. The body is getting older, but it is also getting larger. I've slacked off on the exercise, have not been making very good food choices and have been enjoying my wine a little too often. The end result is not pretty, not healthy and severely reduces my clothing options.

So today is my reality check. 

In 2 months I will be attending my 25 year school reunion. 25 years!!!

That's me in the front with the seemingly long legs (they weren't)

I'm 43 years old. I don't expect to look as I did when I was 18. I may not be size 10 any more, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be the one that makes everyone else feel better about themselves because "didn't she let herself go?"



So, for the next 8 weeks it will be my mission in life to shift some of those kilos. To make the existing clothes I have feel a little looser. To gain some years back on my expected life span. Reality check - time to start looking after yourself, Ingi.

Do you struggle with your weight?
Does what you see in the mirror match up with the image in your head?
What is your best diet/exercise tip?

PS: I managed to get to Day 18 of A Photo A Day before I fell off that wagon as well. For some reason it seemed too hard to climb back on that wagon, but it was nice while it lasted :-)


  1. Best diet tip: When I am off grains (particularly oats & wheat) and no sugar then I see some serious weight loss. have so much more energy too!

  2. I have been a yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life. In the last year, I made a commitment to change my eating habits permanently, instead of my usual, starve and stuff routine. I have added as much fiber as possible to my diet. Oatmeal or whole grain cereal for breakfast, low-cal wraps or salad at lunch and a moderate dinner, heavy on the veggies.
    The mirror is still my worst enemy. Pictures of myself always surprise me. I think I'm expecting the 16 yr old me instead of the 39 yr old.
    After 7 months training, I ran my first 5k today and it was fantastic. Then I looked at the pictures my hubby took during the race. Ick! But I am healthier than I have been in I'm content. :-)

  3. Right there with ya Ingi.
    Esp. since I stopped dancing last year (knees)...
    Here's what I'm trying to do now to lose the 20 pounds I've gained.
    (gone from US size 2 to size 8/10)

    - trying to go on more walks and kayak twice a week
    - no bread, unless we go out to a nice restaurant (which is hardly ever)
    - it has to fit in a bowl. No seconds. But I can fill the bowl to the top.

    But also, I'm trying to embrace the curves. I don't need to be a size 2 again. But 6 would be nice. More than anything, I want to get into good habits and try to keep my bones healthy. I'm not going to worry about weight. I want to be strong and happy. Deserts make me happy - so I'm not giving them up - even if my almost 40 year old metabolism can't burn it up as quickly.

    And you know it's especially difficult for us, having been dancers with such beautiful bodies. We're still beautiful though, just in a more curvy, wise-woman way :)

  4. I've lost weight but still see myself as slimmer, firmer and uh, younger. There were many things that helped with the weight loss including being diagnosed with a slow thyroid, mindful eating and exercise. My eating habits have changed a lot, from dropping the Pepsi, grains and high glycemic foods to adding more natural fats, fiber and protein. I look forward to watching your journey.


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