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I've got a crush on you...

My baby girl is growing up. Yesterday, Hubby went to the snow for his boys weekend away, leaving me in charge of the TV remote (for a very rare change). So last night, Wombat Girl and I sat up and watched some quality telly - Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife, and My Strange Addiction (chalk, anyone?). Then we stayed up late watching 10 Things I Hate About You - not a bad adaptation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew (although I do prefer Kiss Me Kate!).

And I realised my girl is growing up; getting older. She's enjoying watching rom-coms with her mum! She still feels uncomfortable if they get further than kissing (which is OK by me - she's only 11), but you can sense she's enjoying the romance aspect of these movies more and more.

I remember my first TV romance/crush - Simon and Vicky from A Country Practice. I was a tiny bit in love with Grant Dodwell, who played Simon and each week I would eagerly await the new edition of TV Week, to see if the romance would progress and then watch enthralled. I was less than happy when my Mum and Dad decided to go camping down the coast the same week as they got married!!! (this was obviously pre-VCR days). How cruel...

Simon and Fatso the Wombat - great quality Aussie TV

In a similar vein, I fell a tiny bit in love with (OK, a lot) Pierce Brosnan in Remington Steele and Bruce Willis in Moonlighting. I love me a bit of U.R.S.T. in a TV series or movie - "will they?" or "won't they?" gets me in every time (fast forward to Bones and nothing much has changed for me, really).

I saved my biggest crush for Michael J. Fox in Family Ties. I went to see Back to the Future 13 times at the movies - 13 times! I also admit to being one of the few who went to see Teen Wolf (the original and best) and Doc Hollywood. I still have my scrapbooks down in the shed somewhere...

I had this exact poster on my wall...

These teen crushes are an important part of growing up. A delicious, lovely, innocent way to explore those romantic feelings before you are actually  ready to explore them. This explains Beatles Mania and Bieber Fever. There have been many, many other crushes for me (I'm nothing, if not fickle). I can totally get the Zac Efron thing (and happy to watch High School Musical any day of the week...) and I'll happily admit to being a Twi-Mum and if that KStew chick doesn't want Robert Pattinson, now that he has quit smoking, I don't see any impediment to us being together (what? apart from fact I'm married, 43, fat and live in Australia? pfttt...mere trivialities).

My "get out of jail free" card...

So, although my "baby" is growing into a young woman and I miss her chubby cheeks and lisp, I'm looking forward to sharing my stash of rom-coms in my DVD collection with her. And I'm looking forward to see what posters she will have up on her wall in years to come....

What about you? Who was your biggest teen idol crush?
Is there anyone you would admit to having a crush on now?
No bagging out RPatz...I take our love affair very seriously! ;-)


  1. I loved Pierce Brosnan in Remington Steel too!

  2. Remington Steele! I loved him too! Honestly, who doesn't love a British Accent?

    For me, it would have to be Timothy Olyphant. Or as I call him, Timothy OlyFANTASTIC. He's on Justified, possibly the Best Show Ever (but not suitable for kids).

    1. British accents - love. That must be the reason for RPatz. Also really partial to a bit of an Irish accent.

      I googled Timothy Olyphant...I get that! We don't get Justified in Oz (not on free-to-air, anyway).

  3. I had a crush on Simon too. I used to watch A Country Practice with my grandma

    1. I swear I had my finger hovered over the "pay now" button for the A Country Practice DVD boxsets...but I thought better of it :-)

  4. OMG except for Robert Pattinson, we have the same taste in men. Add Elvis (I had an older cousin who got me onto him) and the list is almost complete. My Miss 8 loves the Jonas Brothers and told me at about 6 that she was going to marry him when she grew up. I was gobsmacked but, then I remembered my love for the Bay City Rollers. I SOOO wanted to marry Lesley the lead singer.

    1. I never got into the Bay City Rollers or Sherbet. But Shaun Cassidy...

  5. Donny Osmond. I was crazy for him. These days I find my infatuations a little more grey-haired :)

  6. mine was Richard Dean Anderson, aka McGyver and Kevin Bacon.

    1. OMG!!!! Kevin Bacon - I still run to the Footloose soundtrack! I can't bring myself to watch the new version, because it doesn't have Kevin Bacon in it. Still hot today...just sayin'


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