A Photo A Day - Day 4

Where have I sat today? On my butt, blogging and reading blogs and trying to figure out tech stuff about blogs. Right here.


  1. Ingi
    What tech stuff are you wanting to learn? can I help? pretty happy with myself at present yesterday I worked out how to create a stand alone page and include it in the tabs at the top:)

    1. Erin, I'm trying to decide between staying with Blogger or moving to Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org. Also looking at domain names, host servers, templates, CSS and keeping my permalinks. Sometimes I get all fired up, but then something happens (like I find I cannot use my .com.au domain name on Wordpress.com) and I get all deflated. Plus, I'm stingy and don't want to spend any more than I have to, because I don't think I'm going to make any money out of blogging anytime real soon!


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