Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fresh from my garden

Longer term readers might know that I sometimes feel like a bit of a "fraud" homeschooler. I don't do earth-mother, despite all my other good homeschool intentions! So, no homemade snacks in snaplock bags when we venture out and about; no homemade bread; no chooks and no vege patch.

I do attempt some "gardening" which usually consists of pots on my balcony, near my sliding door so there is more of a chance that I might water them if it doesn't rain. Note I said "more of a chance". Check out my green thumb:

Strawberries...of sorts
Thyme (for some TLC)
These were chillies once!
And this was going to be a lime tree

Down on the back verandah, I inherited some rosemary from my Mum, when she moved to her flat.
It grows nice weeds though!

Inside, I attempt some things in pots - my family bought me a cyclamen for Mother's Day, in the vain hope I might look after it!

We were keen for some citrus, so we planted a lemon tree in front of the shed, in a sunny spot. The dog wees on it - urine is good for citrus, I read!

My mum's other gift (in addition to the rosemary) was a lemon in a pot. It catches the water off the roof of the shed (which has no gutter). It is doing well (maybe because the dog can't wee on it?). Anyway, after owning it for nearly a year, it has produced a beautiful bounty of lemons!

After harvest

Nature's bounty!

Now to put my cooking skills to good use!

Anyone got any good lemon recipes??



  1. Ingi
    I posted a few here

    1. Thanks Erin! I will have to go check them out :-)

    2. And I totally love that Peter, Paul and Mary song - "and the fruit from the old lemon is impossible to eat"

  2. Oh dear! Poor plants! But it seems like your thumb is getting a little greener by the looks of the last pics. The important thing is that you're trying (hehe)

    I'm not the green thumb in the house and don't bake bread either (or knit, or raise chickens). We do have a very generous lemon tree that gives us lemonade year-round. Have the kids water it, lol.

    1. Yes, well - if I actually put any kind of effort into looking after my plants, I'm sure I would have a green thumb! They just aren't high on my priority list!

  3. has a particularly great lemon bar recipe :D Funny read... hopefully it makes you feel a little less like a fraud when I share that my strawberry plants look pretty damn pathetic too? lol


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