Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shining Light

"You are a force, you are a constant source, Yeah you are a shining light"

Yay! I did it - I "graduated" from Ease Into 5K:

I'm a Runner!! This was on Sunday morning.

I'm so happy that I managed to get this done (again) - it is a big achievement! OK, so it's not a half marathon or anything, but coming back from being so injured I could barely walk and running without stopping for 30 minutes is a big thing.

Maxy-boy has been with me the whole way this time (I ditched him after a couple of weeks last time around). He loves his runs!

I was going to get up and do Monday too, but was too tired and had a day of work on (I don't have much work, so it's a big deal for me), but managed to get up this morning. I thought I'd try out a new location - so I just headed straight out my front door and headed down the "path to nowhere" (it just ends before it gets anywhere).

I did 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down walks and I just could not run the whole 30 minutes - as I was starting out I realised I was running downhill - you know what that means - coming back was uphill! I had to do some walk segments. However, that 7:49/km average pace includes my warmup/cooldown and walks, so that's not too bad! I was absolutely sweating buckets when I got home.

I have to give a bit shout out to the lovely Helena at Loving to Learn who has just completed her first TRIATHLON!! She is my absolute shining light this week and makes me smile so big :-)

"Yeah - you light up my life"

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