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Alive and Brilliant!

"Way above, the clouds are black, they say it's going to pour but I haven't been keeping track"

Three posts in three days - what's going on?

I must be feeling good and yes, maybe even like a real runner, Beth! Because yesterday, when the link for the SMH Half Marathon came up on Facebook, I thought (ever so briefly) to myself "mmm....12 weeks away...I could do that". Perhaps not yet. I think I need to really take into account the words of The Penguin, John Bingham that beginner runners should:

  1. Not run as fast as they think they can
  2. Not run as far as they think they can
  3. Run more often than they think they should

Or in my case, I look like this:

Damn - it was hot out there! Bring on autumn! But there were dolphins....

Trust me - they were out there - if you think
 I'm running with my Canon EOS500D zoom
 lens around  my neck, you are having yourself on!

So, here are the stats:

I felt like I was running really well! But I guess I really do run like that little girl in yellow - or maybe I'm just destined to run like a penguin. But I'm running, and taking it easy, and stretching and foam rolling and trying really hard NOT to hurt myself again. Not fast, not far but at least 3 times a week (maybe I should try for 4?). And a half-marathon is in my won't happen overnight, but it will happen!

"One step forward, two steps backward, I won't wrestle, you won't talk back, three deep breath, I'm still alive and brilliant"


  1. I like the words of John Bingham and will keep them in mind when I start up again. It's too easy to get over-enthusiastic. Thanks for posting!


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