Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sisters are doing it for themselves...

This is how I look when I'm running:

Or not.

It's a pretty hot here now (the weather, not my looks) and I realise I like running in winter more than summer. A bit because it's not really that cold in our winters, but mostly because I don't sweat (as much). I produce a ridiculous amount of fluid from the pores on my face and neck. 

But, I got up early(ish) today to beat the heat and the crowds. Failed on both counts - 25C and I had to negotiate the hugest crowd of pensioners on their walking outing (did you know they travelled in packs?).

So I'm re-starting Couch to 5K (except that they changed the software and it's now called Ease Into 5K - probably more what I need).

Not real fast, but I still had a sweat-fest going on. Not to mention how much of an effort it was pushing old people out of the way (just joking).

I have to say I felt MUCH better than the first outing nine months ago - so I don't think I've totally lost my fitness. Foam rolling and stretching afterwards to get the knots out of my buns of steel.

Max loved it:

All the photos of him look the same!
All jokes aside, I loved being back out there! There really is nothing like running. Even with the sweat.


  1. Sweat, schmet.

    I soooo love this weather. Hence my newly found inspiration. Tomorrow. Promise.


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