Monday, January 23, 2012

I Run For Life

"I run for hope, I run to feel, I run for the truth for all that is real"

What a running anthem. Love it.

I got to sleep at 2:30am (or sometime soon after) last night. My brain was in over-drive. I made the fatal error of downloading an iBook and then reading it - Run Fat Bitch Run by Ruth Field. That title either inspires you or offends you. I think it's the best running book title ever!

The basic concept is to get your fat ass off the couch and start running. And keep running. Running is the diet until you are a runner and then you eat to fuel your runs. Bring out your inner bitch, be honest with yourself and run. There is a plan to start running - but I'm already into Week 3 of Ease into 5K, so I will stick with that. But I love the concept.

So despite my pathetic sleep, I got up and ran.

It was warm and sunny, so even though "I had the power to make this a better workout than my previous one", I did crank up my tunes and just ran. I even ran into the cool down as it didn't feel like I'd run much.

"If you ask her why she is still running, she'll tell you it makes you complete."


  1. That is definitely one provocative title! Would you recommend it for runners who've been pounding the pavement for years, or is it more of a get-motivated-to-start book?

    1. It is definitely aimed at the beginners market, but has sections on what to do after you've achieved your goal of running at least 3 times a week for 45 min. It is good, no nonsense advice for everyone who needs to build a running habit and maybe lose a few kilos.

  2. I'll look for that...sounds inspirational. I could use some now.

    1. That's why I downloaded it! Keep my fat ass off the couch!!


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