In the words of Enya...

...sail away, sail away, sail away!

Did you notice I'd been quiet for a couple of weeks? I have had a cyber holiday as we cruised through New Zealand!  We have a had lovely holiday, and now I'm back, have sorted out our photos and will share the highlights of our trip with you over the next few posts.

We live about 3 hours south of Sydney and get up there a few times a year. Well, this October afternoon, Sydney really did put on a show and we had spectacular weather to sail out of one of the world's most beautiful harbours.

Look how tall Video Boy is getting!
He's nearly as tall as the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

While we were all very excited about the prospect of sailing away into the sunset for two whole weeks, Wombat Girl loved the whole process of filling out forms (she knows her passport number off by heart!) and had lots of happy smiles and questions for everyone we met.

We were on the Sea Princess and apparently the lovely Helena from loving to learn saw us sail away under the Sydney Harbour Bridge! How cool is that! Like the universe collides or something! Is that you Helena waving at us from the ferry? Let's pretend that it is!!

Now the Sea Princess is not the biggest cruise ship around, but it seems pretty big to me! There was just 1 metre's clearance under the Bridge - but the big cruise liners that come to Sydney can't fit under it. We just scraped through...

It was wonderfully warm weather - just lovely to take a stroll on deck and watch the harbour unfold before us - with cocktail in hand, of course!

The kids were keen to take advantage of the warm weather, so we did a walk down what would affectionately become known as "the endless corridor" to our cabin to get their swimmers, just in case this was the warmest day of our holidays!

And before you knew it, we were sailing out of the heads of Sydney Harbour, the water was sloshing about in the pool and we were were headed out into the wide expanse of the Tasman Sea and adventure! Stay tuned, kiddies!!


  1. Looks like you had a most lovely time!
    Great pics!

  2. I especially love that first photo. Your family looks so very happy!

  3. I love that first photo too - the kids look exceptionally happy! Stay tuned for lots more :-)


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