Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ease Into 10K - Week 3 Day 2

I did this run yesterday...

What I did:
5 minute walking warmup, 5 minutes running/1 minute walking x5, 5 minute walking cooldown.  It has been very windy here, so I skipped Tuesday and ran Wednesday instead - a nice lull in the wind and a very pleasant morning!

How I felt:
Sore! My right hip is sore. It wasn't too bad when I was running, but sure is sore now. Lots of stretching (and maybe some icing if I get a chance). But the run itself felt good - building up my endurance.

Playlist highlights:
Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez
Never - Moving Pictures

How far I went:
4.77km - just a tiny bit less than last run, but I'll take it! Getting closer to the magical 5km mark.

Dolphins and whales (yes - whales!!!) off the beach! Difficult to capture on the iPhone, but how lucky am I to have such a great place to run?


  1. You are very lucky to be watching dolphins and whales as you run! Sounds like you are doing great, and almost at the 5k mark. Doing the blog will keep you motivated now that you are done of the program. Happy running!

  2. Thank you Wanda Woman! It was tough after I finished C25K - what now? So I'm working through EI10K and blogging helps. Hopefully it might help others too!

  3. Dolphins and whales? Wow! I would run just to see these, too! Nice run, hope your hip feels better : )


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